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Friday, November 11, 2005

Judy Miller... for the full hour!

Some gems from the current delegate from the Great State of Denial...

I really don't know what kind of brought about this 40-day tsunami on me, these attacks after I came out of jail...

Are you kidding me? No idea? Start with Greg Mitchell's column from Oct. 15, and then think about this: Results 1 - 10 of about 346,000 for "Judy Miller Liar"

Well, I think I just want to talk about the serious attacks and criticism. What "Newsweek" magazine called "The New York Times'" war on Miller.

Oh, you read "Newsweek?" Well perhaps you read Michael Isikoff and Mark Hosenball when they pointed out that Scooter Libby told you, as you stated, that the still-classified National Intelligence Estimate on Iraq contained "even stronger" evidence of the uranium claims when the document, later declassified, revealed the opposite. You got played. PLAYED. That isn't a mistake; he knew what the report said. He lied to you and you went to jail to protect him from justice.

He lied to your face about Iraq and you still say this:

But, when you're wrong, if they're wrong, you're going to be wrong. And boy, those stories were wrong. So now, the issue is, why were they wrong? Why was the information wrong and what happened to it when it got to the White House? Was it manipulated? Was it exaggerated?

That's what the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence is supposed to be looking at. We've all been waiting for this report now, for a long, long time. So far, none of the other commissions have found any evidence of deliberate manipulation, of pressure.

But, I think we really deserve answers to those questions. And I'm sorry that a lot of media organizations didn't look into this either.

ANSWERS?? MEDIA ORGANIZATIONS?? What is the gravity like on your home planet? You, a veteran journalist, were lied to and used to spread false claims to drive the nation to war! Why do you need other people to investigate whether the information was "manipulated or exaggerated?"

And Larry, I'm ready to move on and not to hold grudges and I have a kind of quaint, old-fashioned idea that you don't trash colleagues and you don't trash an institution you're working for. And I'm not going to trash former colleagues either, or the institution that I've worked for, happily, for so many years.

Yeah, well you just trashed them by saying that. If you don't want to trash them, say nice things or say nothing. Don't indicate that there's a reason you won't say what could be said. And don't use words like "quaint." It only reminds us of your friends' thoughts about the humane treatment of prisoners that once were part of our national ideals.

DB pauses from this rant to ask how Larry King gets away with softballs like "I got a very nice letter from you when you were in jail. What was that like?"

I tried to keep a journal. But it was very hard to write in jail, Larry, because until the last month, I didn't have a computer. I can barely read my own handwriting. Everything had to be done by hand.


It's continued, but al Qaeda, without a doubt, I think, has been significantly weakened by the international war on terrorism, that has been led by this administration.

Without a doubt? You mean, like it's a slam dunk? Of course it is! There's no point in debating it or even questioning whether that's true... it's beyond a doubt... What's that Larry? A real question?

Was it unfair when those of your critics said you were a supporter of the administration? Not just a journalist, but a proponent.

Well, it's close to a real question. What's your answer, Judy?

No, I don't support the administration. I was reporting on the administration.

You certainly don't! In fact, when you said "al Qaeda, without a doubt, I think, has been significantly weakened by the international war on terrorism, that has been led by this administration" just 10 seconds earlier, that was clearly an unbiased lack of support!

I hope this ordeal is over for me.

Now you know how DB feels about you.

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