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Thursday, June 08, 2006

An inconvenient media

With so many bloggers in exciting Las Vegas this weekend, DB was feeling a little bit down about having to stay home. What to do for fun? How about a movie about the destruction of the entire planet? That should be good for some smiles.

So, this blogger decided to go see Al Gore's "An Incovenient Truth" with fellow blogger Arianna Huffington.

OK, DB didn't technically go with Ariana Huffington, but she was seated just a few seats away. Unfortunately, when the lights came on at the end, Arianna was gone, depriving yours truly of an opportunity to caustically ask "So do you still give a shit how many buttons are on Gore's suit?"

DB's companion left the movie "sad, but inspired to act." DB left angry. Maybe that anger will turn into something more productive. But for now, it's just anger.

While the airwaves are filled with debates about Ann Coulter's near-pathological lack of empathy and tact, people like Chris Matthews continue to discuss Al Gore in the context of "Why did he grow a beard after the 2000 election?"

The public deserves a real dialog about things that matter. Hopefully, the energy in Las Vegas this weekend will be an extra push for the efforts of those of us who are online, trying to overthrow the stranglehold our media corporations have on the national debate. To her credit, Arianna Huffington seems to be on the right side of history at this point. DB is optimistic about our chances.

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