Dover Bitch

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

He'll take us there

Lieberman on CNN today:

LIEBERMAN: Look, that's a semantical -- a question of words. I'd say there's not technically a civil war because there still is a unity government and there still is what I call a nonsectarian military. There is terrible violence there. But you want to see a real civil war and a collapse of a great country in the center of the Middle East? Pull out by a date certain and that's what you'll see.


LIEBERMAN: An independent-minded Democrat. Incidentally, all the polls that have come out so far have shown me ahead, which is a surprise to me. But as I said when the Quinnipiac poll came out last week, early polls don't determine campaigns. I'm the challenger here. I'm challenging the conventional partisan politics that has dominated too much of our life these days. I'm going to run hard as if I was behind all the way to November 7th. I'm very encouraged by all these polls, because they show that I'm getting support across party lines. And that says to me the people are really hungry for a new politics of unity and purpose. And the purpose is to solve some of our problems and their problems.

Wouldn't it be great if we had the kind of "unity" they've got in Iraq?

I think the people in Connecticut are as fed up with the partisanship that has stopped Washington from solving their problems as I am.

As if the people of Connecticut are oblivious to the fact that the GOP has propped him up over and over to stifle debate about the direction they've taken this country. The reason the partisanship hasn't solved Connecticut's problems is that it's been effective for the GOP and they have Lieberman to thank for that.