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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Friends of friends

Joe Scarborough, on the Left hating Bush along with Chavez and Ahmedinejad:

But regardless of how much you hate George Bush, I must warn you again that your anger over Katrina, WMD's, Joe Wilson, NSA wiretaps, yellowcake uranium, Iraq, Sam Alito and the 2000 Florida recount does not change the fact that Iran has been the epicenter of international terrorism since 1979. Theirs is a brutal theocracy that detests Western freedoms, disdains women's rights, punishes free speech, hates our allies and sees America as their mortal enemy.

That has nothing to do with George Bush. They hated America long before Dubya gave up the strong stuff. They took our hostages when Jimmy Carter was president. They started their nuclear program when Bill Clinton was president. They will keep trying to destroy the Great Satan when Hillary Clinton is president.

Tyrants running Venezuela and Iran may hate George W. Bush as much as you do. But they hate you just as much. It's one time when the enemy of your enemy is not your friend.

Don't give in to hate.

Yeah, thanks for the warning. Actually, what this forth-generation American would like you to do is warn Rush Limbaugh, whom you played on your show tonight, that just because Chavez hates Bush that doesn't mean DB gives a crap about Chavez. And the fact that Ahmedinejad hates Bush doesn't mean our anger about the direction of this country is illegitimate.

Let's get one thing straight, Joe. Your list of gripes there doesn't cover half of it. It's actually missing the biggest source of outrage of all.

As an American, DB has strong opinions about a number of important topics. How to treat people around the world. How to treat people here in America. How to treat the environment. How to provide educational resources to America's youth. How our privacy should be respected. How our Constitution should be respected. How our personal medical decisions should be respected. How our religious views should be respected. How our taxes should be spent. How and when it is necessary to use force. Etc., etc., etc...

The problem isn't that people like DB are in the minority in Washington D.C., Joe. We're completely cemented out of our representative government. I don't think you have any idea what that feels like. There is not a single issue, even a core American issue like whether or not to torture somebody, that is open to any kind of debate in which DB's values can be considered.

The people in charge of the Republican Party control every aspect of the government. They came to D.C. with legislation already written. They had plans already approved. Our input is irrelevant. They only care about their "base." There is, quite frankly, nothing DB can say to the GOP to have any influence in the direction of this country anymore. Period.

Do you have any idea how that feels? No, you can't. And so you have no idea why someone like DB can have so much anger at Bush. Forget about stealing an election. He stole our voices. He stole our country.

Over 59 million people voted for John Kerry in 2004. On the night he won the election, Bush promised us he would "do all I can do to deserve your trust." Has the federal government tried to accomplish anything since then that would be an honest effort to reflect the values of those 59 million Americans? It's hard to even imagine that we'll ever have a say in anything again. If we ever do, by then the country and planet will be unrecognizable.

DB is not alone. There are millions who don't understand how we woke up one day to find out that we no longer had any voice in America. And while the GOP Senators and White House compromise on torture, with no input from the opposition party, blowhards like Ann Coulter, who say we should be killed for even saying anything, and theocrats like Jerry Falwell, who say we are to blame for 9/11, are celebrated at parties with the Attorney General and White House Press Secretary.

So screw Chavez. Screw Ahmedinejad. Screw Limbaugh, Gonzales, Snow and Coulter. Screw Osama bin Laden, who should've been rotting in hell for the last three years. Screw anybody who thinks it's just splendid that tens of millions of Americans don't have any say in what happens to this country.

And screw the people who are running it into the ground.

But thanks again for the warning, Joe.

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