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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Joke Lyin'

So Joe Klein fixed the broken link in his sophomoric challenge to the "illiberal leftists" on the blog-o-sphere. He linked to that article to prove he was against the war since 2002.

Other bloggers, like BooMan have noted that Klein had many opportunities to come out passionately against the war when it would have counted, but instead chose to call it the "right decision."

DB has nothing to add except this: That article is not even close to an example of war opposition. It just says there are (were) enough question marks to justify a debate and that politicians should be obligated to express whatever doubts they have, as Al Gore did.

If DB writes "Joe Klein's books should be in the library," that in no way means this blogger thinks anybody ought to read them.

Because I don't.

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