Dover Bitch

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Sorry this blog has so many cobwebs. Work has DB on overload. I hope someday to get back to regular blogging.

In the meantime, what a day. Above is the (crappy) image DB made in October 2005, when Scooter first made the headlines as being "obsessed" with Joe Wilson. It seemed too convenient that just one guy was being put out there as the villain.

Today, guilty on four-of-five counts, Scooter still seems like the Fall Guy to DB. But it's nice to see the justice system working (at least for a day).

Also, a shout out to the entire crew at FireDogLake for their unbelievable efforts. Just yesterday, Atrios said blogging is harder than it looks. The lack of posts here over the last few months is evidence of that. Blogging, especially blogging well, is a time-consuming labor. The bloggers who are capable of delivering on a daily basis, with such a consistent high-level of quality are amazing to DB.

I cannot state this enough. The bloggers who crank out insightful and well-written content consistently and frequently are awe-inspiring to me.

And throughout this case, FDL, TalkLeft, The Left Coaster, The Next Hurrah, Digby, Glenn Greenwald... and all the commenters... OUTSTANDING!!!!

Thank you to all of them.