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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Timing is all

This has been an exceptionally bad week for DB as far as timing goes.

I should have known better than to think for a second that Marty Lederman wasn't going to write a much better response to Doug Kmiec than I ever could have. But the salt in the wound was the fact that I stopped working on a different post about Lou Dobbs in order to address the Comey testimony and allowed another blogger to scoop me on that subject, too. The shards of broken glass in the salt on the wound is that, again, I was not only scooped, but it was by another sensational blogger who saw my point and raised me by a sum I could not hope to match.

I still have a few things to say about it, and I refuse to resign from blogging just because my absence would apparently not have any impact on anything, if the last week of online discourse is any indication.

So I'll be back with my post about Dobbs later. In the meantime, get out the world's smallest violin for me. And read Dave Neiwert's interview with Mark Potok and his follow-up post about Dobbs' incredible exchange with Laura Flanders.

UPDATE: Flanders chatted on FDL this morning about the episode with Dobbs, which is now on Crooks & Liars.

So now, in addition to the shards of glass and salt in my wound, there are now hungry rats. How are those tiny violins coming?

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