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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Steve Gilliard, 1966-2007

Often, there are days when DB thinks about closing up shop here.

When I used to play guitar, I was always amazed at how Jimi Hendrix could simultaneously inspire me and make me want to put my guitar away forever. What was the point of playing when the benchmark was so high?

I wrote that once to Digby, in reference to her blogging. Blogging is harder than it looks. It is especially harder than some bloggers in particular make it look.

Steve Gilliard was also like Jimi Hendrix to me. I'm not sure I have a bigger compliment in me than that.

Though there are reasons I sometimes think of hanging it up, every now and then -- often enough to keep me going -- things happen that keep me inspired to contribute, at least to try. Here is just one example:

Last summer, when Net Neutrality was coming up for a vote in corrupt Senator Ted Stevens' Commerce Committee, I had the pleasure of authoring a few posts at FireDogLake. I was trying to lead progressive people to come up with some creative analogies to help explain what the issue was all about. Then, to act locally to get the message out.

It was a thrill to have a chance to be a positive influence with regards to an important issue that means a great deal to me. It was an honor to be invited to post at FDL.

But the most satisfying moment, for me, was when I looked at the FDL homepage and saw one of my posts sandwiched between a post by Digby and another by Steve Gilliard. I sent Christy an email to tell her exactly that.

I'm not crazy enough to think that means I'm in either Digby's or Steve's league when it comes to blogging. I cannot tell you how impressed I am, having done this now as long as I have, with the amount of consistently insightful, well researched and truly powerful posts that bloggers like Steve Gilliard produced day after day.

It's a tremendous amount of work and you have to have a tremendous fire inside to do it. You have to really care about people to try as hard as Steve did to make this a better world.

Rest in peace, Steve. You are already deeply missed.

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