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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Born on third

The other day, after I posted at Hullabaloo, in the comments DB was called out for cheating. Well, for relying on quotes from Jonah Goldberg, which are so easily mocked it's almost unfair to use them. It's a good point.

The same could probably be said for Tucker Carlson quotes, but I just can't resist. Here's what he had to say right before the AFL-CIO sponsored Democratic debate Tuesday:

BILL PRESS: The rights that I enjoy as a union member...


PRESS: ... Whatever rights I have in terms of pension, in terms of vacation time, in terms of health care comes from the union. I wouldn't have zip without the union and neither would any other union member in this country...

CARLSON: You know, that's a total crock. I have a union card in my wallet right now, and I will pull it out and show you, and it gives me zero rights. Zero rights. Any right I have, I negotiated because I paid my lawyer to do so, OK? This is a total joke and I'm forced to pay into this because of stupid laws surrounding it pushed by people like John Edwards.

PRESS: I want to see, Tucker, you get in a run in with MSNBC and see how fast they come to help you.

CARLSON: Yeah, right.

PRESS: The union will be there...

CARLSON: The union? Are you kidding?

PRESS: Absolutely, just like they get behind any working man or woman in the country.

CARLSON: Aaaaaaaagh.

PRESS: And where do you...

CARLSON: Alright.

PRESS: Where do you think you get your, the vacation that you get? Where do you think you get your health care?

CARLSON: Because I paid my lawyer to negotiate it.

It's hard enough to understand what keeps this guy on the air at all, but it's impossible to figure out why they'd air somebody with no sense of history or appreciation for his surroundings right before a debate where real Americans were discussing real problems with the candidates. It didn't sound to me like any of the people asking about health care, worker safety and job protection had personal lawyers to negotiate their vacation schedules.

I didn't go to Yearly Kos, but anybody criticizing the bloggers who went, claiming they sold out or something, need to remember what it looks like when somebody with zero connection to the real world is given a microphone day after day and paid handsomely to drool on it.

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