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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Dobbs, rejected!

Thanks to Dave Neiwert for the link to this cob-web site.

The Lou Dobbs outrage du jour did have a happy ending. His (bad) show always ends with a poll designed to maximize a lopsided result. Like this one from last week:

The results of our poll tonight, only 98 percent of you say the state of our economy is worsening. Are you listening, Mr. Bush?

Yesterday's show ended with this:

DOBBS: The results of our poll tonight. 48 percent of you say Senator Obama is intentionally misrepresenting my position on illegal immigration and I guess the rest of you are going to give him the pass. I'm not.

That's right... 52% told Dobbs to STFU.

While we're talking Dobbs, it should be noted that he spent a large chunk of his time talking about the Air Force's decision to give a big contract to the Northrop Grumman/EADS consortium instead of Boeing.

That's a perfectly fine topic, but if he's going to spend the opening minutes of his show going after Obama, shouldn't he even mention at least once that John McCain is deeply involved in the lobbying effort that led to that contract ending up with EADS?

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