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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Baghdad, Alabama

But when impatient patriots in this country finally demanded their freedom and their rights, what once seemed impossible suddenly became inevitable. So it was in America. So it was in much of the world. And so it will be in the Middle East. -- Condolezza Rice, Oct. 22, 2005

Yes, Condi, Iraq today is just like Alabama back when you were a kid. Saddam Hussein was just like George Wallace... except for the born-again Christian part.

Who could forget when Martin Luther King Jr. used "shock and awe" to pound the South into submission?

Remember when the NAACP made all those klan members form a naked pyramid?

How about when the U.S. dropped JDAM bombs on a Birmingham restaurant and scraped flesh off the walls to see if any of the diners happened to be Wallace? (Oops, not him!)

Is there any tragedy this administration won't use to sell their horrible foreign policy?

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