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Friday, October 21, 2005

Channeling Colt Seavers

Today's LA Times story about Scooter Libby's "obsession" with Joe Wilson sure is fun to believe.

But before we use our clearly inferior photoshop skills to land Libby the lead role in "Monk," the cynic in DB tries desperately not to imagine Lyndie England taking over for Heather Thomas and gives Libby the starring role he will likely own -- The Fall Guy.

It's probably completely true that the Scoot spent his weekends creating his own Dewey Decimal system for tracking his perceived foes.

But isn't it a little too convenient that as possible indictments are coming down, a single administration official (and not named Rove) is being characterized as the kind of guy who would go too far when it came to Joe Wilson?

Is it a coincidence that "I. Scooter Libby" and "G. Gordon Liddy" sound so similar? ("If somebody wants to shoot me, I'm prepared to have that done. You just let me know when and where, and I'll be there.")

The bar's set pretty high, Scoot!

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