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Friday, October 28, 2005

Plamegate: First reactions

1. Russert finally talks and says... Nothing! He couldn't say that earlier?

2. Where's the outrage from the media? Russert was discussing the fact that Cheney lied to him on Meet the Press, but all he said was that interview "would be scrutinized." He can't even admit his show was used to spread misinformation.

3. Where's the outrage from the media, Part II: The media made a huge stink about protecting sources. How could a whistleblower feel free to come forward? Well, know we know for a fact, not only were no whistleblowers being protected, but Libby was telling Fitzgerald that the media was to blame. Do I need to repeat that?

Reporters were willing to go to jail to protect a guy who told the prosecutor to go after them!

4. Cheney tells us not to judge Libby until he's had his chance to face the charges. Does anybody in the universe think Libby is going to trial? He's the FALL GUY! There's no way he allows this to drag on in court, with the Vice President possibly being called in to testify. No way the administration lets the rationale for war get debated in the "trial of the century" or whatever they label it.

5. Anybody who said or says Plame wasn't undercover... Time to put that one to rest.

More to come...

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