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Monday, October 31, 2005

Waiter, there's a Bay leaf in my Kool-Aid

Hasn't Congress banned the kind of drugs Bay Buchanan is clearly on, and if not, for the love of god, why?

WOLF BLITZER: But, should the White House only be held up to a criminal standard? Is there a moral responsibility that some people should take for outing, if you will, the wife of Ambassador Wilson?

BAY BUCHANAN: Well, there's no-- no. A wife of an ambassador, there's nothing wrong with that.

BLITZER: But, she's a CIA operative.

BUCHANAN: Yes, but they didn't know that she was covert. It comes across now. The information appears that they weren't aware. Not even Libby was aware of this.

And so there's no mean spiritedness and deliberate attempt to hurt Joe Wilson. They were trying to get information out, Wolf, and they have a right to do that when the press was looking at them, as if they somehow were involved in sending Joe Wilson over there.

Uh, you may want to rethink that talking point, Bay.

UPDATE: Removed link to apparently bogus ABC News story.

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