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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Failing America

DB is a little thin on posting right now. Working to get to the bottom of why the 9/11 Commissioners gave the government one of its F's this week.

The issue behind all the F's seems to be money. Congress is putting money ahead of lives. Some of the ineffectiveness of the government in this regard is a basic reluctance to spend, compounded by a disappointing lack of urgency.

The particular failure this blogger is considering seems to stem from avarice. It is difficult for someone as admittedly out of the loop and far from Washington as DB to know all the facts. But in this case, there are practically no obvious specific causes for the failure and many on the Hill who are fighting to solve the problem seem unwilling to identify the forces working against them. The few who have pointed fingers really haven't made the case.

At some point in the near future, DB will feel confident enough to shine a light on this issue, or make a plea for help from the online community. It seems clear now that there will be no help from the MSM.

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