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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Analysis paralysis

According to Raw Story, the New York Times will report soon that the Democrats in the Senate are irritated by Kerry's strong stance on Iraq.

"When John Kerry was their presidential nominee in 2004, Democrats fervently wished he would express himself firmly about the Iraq war," writes Kate Zernike.

"Mr. Kerry has found his resolve," Zernike continues. "But it has not made his fellow Democrats any happier. They fear the latest evolution of Mr. Kerry's views on Iraq may now complicate their hopes of taking back a majority in Congress in 2006."

Russ Feingold called for censure of the president last March and stood up for the rule of law... and his colleagues ran to the AP to give unattributed quotes about how we need more investigations and how Feingold screwed up their big plans to talk about the Dubai ports deal and then pivot off that topic to something else. Today, Dubai still controls those ports and nobody has been held accountable for any of the violations of our Constitutional rights. Way to go Democrats.

John Murtha stood up with a plan and called for a redeployment of our troops. Practically nobody in the Democratic establishment stood with him. Months later, the majority of Americans are in favor of a timetable for withdrawal and the Democrats still can't convince the country that they have a plan. Way to go.

Now Kerry takes a strong stand and they go whining to the press again. Unbelievable.

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