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Monday, July 03, 2006

The Pneumatic Tube from Alaska

The vacuum that represents Alaska in the Senate and chairs the Commerce Committee apparently knows as much about the Internet as a king crab. DB had heard Senator Stevens went on an incoherent rant about Net Neutrality, in which he appeared to bounce back and forth between arguments for each side, thinking he was making solely a case against the Snowe-Dorgan bill.

But holy crap.

Who could have possibly known that the man spearheading the telecom bill could be so unbelievably ignorant? When you actually listen to him deliver the rant (MP3) it's hard to believe he's even allowed near a microphone, let alone in a Senate office building.

It should be illegal for somebody this clueless to have any input whatsoever into the future of our national information infrastructure. That he got 10 other Senators to vote his way just shows how craven the GOP is in general.

Really, it's a fucking embarrassment and the people of Alaska should be ashamed.

UPDATE: Upon a closer listen, it appears Sen. Stevens used the term "Neternit" during his rant. DB objects.

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