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Friday, August 25, 2006

War powers

Glenn Greenwald writes today about the attention that needs to be given to the explicit constitutional statement that it is Congress who has the authority to determine where and when our armed forces are to be directed by the President.

It's a great reminder. I'd only add that this administration doesn't seem to care at all whether they've been authorized to invade other countries. After all, they specificially asked Congress for the authority to wage war anywhere in the Middle East, and when they were denied that authority, they told Congress they had it anyway.

Just like when they asked Tom Daschle for the authority to wiretap without a warrant and that request was also denied.

In their minds, there is nothing to prevent them from carrying out whatever schemes they've dreamt up.

DB is off for a weekend in a very red state. Hope yours is just as great.

Thanks for the nod, Digby.

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