Dover Bitch

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Least what?

Republican Charles Poochigian is running a preposterous negative ad in his bid for California Attorney General.

The ad describes the epic clash of good and evil, lamenting that evil sometimes wins. Then it points out that Poochigian's opponent, Jerry Brown, opposes the death penalty -- even for serial killers (picture of, gasp, Charlie Manson).

OK, a sensational ad, big deal. But then it ends with this remark:

Jerry Brown -- he may just be the least qualified person in all of California to be Attorney General.

Excuse me? Have you been in California lately? There are millions of people there who couldn't even correctly pluralize the title, Attorney General. Probably millions who don't know what the Attorney General even does.

Brown got his law degree at Yale and has been California's Secretary of State, Governor, Mayor of Oakland and nearly won the Democratic nomination for President that went to Bill Clinton in 1992.

Say what you want about him and his position on the death penalty, but "least qualified?"