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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Dick Cheney's Hideaway

Billy Crystal (the man who likes to make people laugh, not the Bill Kristol who likes to see people kill each other) used to do an impression of Fernando Lamas on Saturday Night Live:

Saludos, my friends. How are you, darlings? It is so lovely to be back, here in the Hideaway. And, as you know, my friends... as you can see, the booth is empty, and I am very upset. I don't feel marvelous. I look marvelous, but I don't feel marvelous. Which is hokie-dokie for me, because, as you know, my credo is "It is better to look good than to feel good." You know what I am saying, and you know who you are.

This could pretty much sum up Bush's foreign policy. It doesn't matter how much of our money is lost in Iraq, how many limbs and souls are left there, how many problems at home are ignored while we focus on that bloodbath... It's just important to look strong to our enemies. We don't want to "embolden" them.

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