Dover Bitch

Sunday, January 21, 2007

How I (almost) met Jane Hamsher

DB doesn't reveal a great deal of personal information on this blog, but here's two nuggets of info:

1. I can really cook. Through the process of life, I've learned that I have many limitations, but cooking ain't one of them. I have been told on numerous occasions that my chocolate chip cookies are the best in the world. I can state -- with no doubt whatsoever -- that one of the people who has told me this is one of the most trusted people in America.

2. I have one irrational fear: hospitals. Some might say that there are many rational reasons to fear hospitals, and though I agree, there is something irrational about my fear of them. I do not fear guns, snakes, heights, small places, needles, blood, rats, spiders, homosexuals, foreigners... I'm really not afraid of anything. But I hate going to hospitals.

But after reading yesterday that Jane Hamsher would be in the hospital in my neighborhood for another day or two, I decided to put my fears aside and do what I do best. I baked a batch of 12 very large, extremely delicious, chocolate chip cookies and hiked down to St. John's to give them to Jane and any bloggers who might be paying her a visit.

But when I got to her room, there was a guy mopping the floors and an empty bed. I missed her by minutes! In fact, I think I might have seen her driving away as I was walking a few feet away from the building.

So the good news is that Jane is out! The bad news is that I'm stuck with a big batch of cookies (minus the two that Jane's nurses got). I made a batch on Friday for some friends who came to Santa Monica to join me for an Akira Kurasawa double feature at the Aero, so I've been eating them all weekend.

Well Jane, here are your cookies! Glad you're a free woman!