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Friday, January 19, 2007

Wrong now; never would have been right

According to Raw Story:

An ex-State Department speechwriter today told the Wall Street Journal that his former boss Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice lacked a clear understanding of modern Middle Eastern history.

The article by Neil King, Jr. takes up the tendency of Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to analogize current US policy in the Middle East with America's experience during the Cold War.


"The administration's reservoir of historical analogies seems limited to the 1914-1991 period. And it's all about Europe," said Adam Garfinkle, a former Rice speechwriter who edits the foreign-policy journal The American Interest. "No one in a senior position in this administration seems to have even the vaguest notion of modern Middle Eastern history."

No doubt. And they attempted to fill the knowledge vacuum with "The Arab Mind." DB wrote about this very subject, with a specific eye on how the United States avoided a nuclear armageddon over Cuba... And why this administration would have led us directly into one.

It's not just that they're stuck in the past. They refuse to learn from it.