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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

100 Miles and Running

What the hell is wrong with people lately? Why is it so hard to figure out that nothing that comes out of a rapper's mouth has anything to do with Don Imus' behavior?

If Imus pulled out a gun and shot at those young women, would anybody say he was just trying to get his street cred? Would anybody say he should only be held accountable when the murder rate drops in South Central Los Angeles? (Not called that anymore)

Seriously, shouldn't the fact that people object to that language in rap be even more of a reason to condemn Imus for stooping to that level?

Again, Imus' defenders are all talking about "context" and how his show is comedy. If context is so damned important, why is it so hard to notice that nobody asked Rudy if he'll continue to appear with Snoop after his arrest?

Is this that freaking hard to understand??

And by the way, the last time I saw Public Enemy, practically everybody in the audience was white. A lot of white people paid to listen to these NWA lyrics, too:

Runnin' like a nigga I hate to lose.
Show me on the news but I hate to be abused.
I know it was a set-up.
So now I'm gonna get up.
Even if the FBI wants me to shut up.
But I've got 10,000 niggas strong.
They got everybody singin' my "Fuck Tha Police" song.
And while they treat my group like dirt,
Their whole fuckin' family is wearin' our T-shirts.

African-Americans didn't invent -- and don't deserve to be credited with -- being an asshole to a bunch of hardworking young women. Imus isn't a victim, he's a dick. Stop making excuses for him.

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