Dover Bitch

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Please, Mr. D'Agostino...

Another campaign, another round of questions about the price of milk.

If it makes Rudy look out of touch, fine with me. But when I buy milk, I look at the date on top and that's it. The price of milk doesn't fluctuate enough for me to debate about whether or not to buy it as part of my routine shopping. And I drink a lot of coffee (with milk).

If I were a candidate faced with that question, I'd say something like "I can't tell you how much caviar or a Lamborghini costs, either. But I bet I can come closer guessing the price of milk."

But what's with the $4.19 milk, Mr. D'Agostino? They nickel and dime you to death in NYC. And that's before taxes. Glad I don't live there.

Oh, and white bread? Any candidate who actually knows the price of white bread doesn't get my vote.

UPDATE: Maybe an even better answer would be "Sorry, I don't drink milk... only champagne. I find the diamonds in my cereal stay crunchier in champagne."