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Friday, April 20, 2007

Smerconish in the Morning

DB is a night owl, but rarely stayed awake late enough on the West Coast watching TV to catch Imus in the (wee hours of the) Morning. So it won't hurt my brain so much when this guy takes over his slot on MSNBC:

Ok, let’s take it a step further. Let’s assume she knows Zarqawi’s whereabouts but won’t give up that information for a piece of quiche and a warm blanket.

Now what?

I say do whatever is necessary to get her to talk. Waterboard her. Strap her to a pig. Do whatever it takes.

Well done, MSNBC. Here's how he reacted to your coverage of the alleged massacre at Haditha:

Isn't it conceivable that the Marines, under attack or believing they were under attack, shot up the area with their automatic weapons, mistakenly killing innocent civilians in the process? Then, fully understanding that the media would vilify them for their mistake, they compounded their error and lied, saying that the IED that killed their comrades, also killed the civilians. If so, I think the lie was a mistake, but an entirely understandable one.

My sympathies to the eyes and ears of other time zones.

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