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Friday, April 20, 2007

What Roy said

Roy Edroso at Alicublog, one of DB's favorites, succinctly sums up the wingnut blog-o-sphere (and, quite frankly, many who often appear as "Republican Strategists" on our televisions) with this rebuttal to the right-wing reaction to NBC's coverage of the Virginia Tech killer:

When you read anything by these awful people that has to do with what should and should not be covered, please recognize that they are not trying to inform you. For them everything -- news, art, science -- is propaganda. There is no aspect of human life which they do not see an opportunity for partisan advantage.

That's why I'm so hard on them -- not so much because they're wrong on the issues, but because they're twisted freaks who seek power, and that sort always needs resisting.


Which is also why, when somebody complains about the "liberal media," the MSM should laugh it off instead of reacting like this jackass. I have always maintained that if they feel the forums provided to them are places that are fundamentally dishonest, unless they are personal hallmarks of integrity, they will have no qualms about lying with abandon.

My own personal view is that many of these hacks are so completely solipsistic they see the world as propaganda because that's all they are capable of delivering themselves and cannot imagine anything else.

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