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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Update on LAPD video

DB was on the verge of being appalled yesterday at the sight of LAPD officers using considerable force during an immigration rally. But I reserved judgment because I didn't have all the facts.

Well, it's not looking pretty today. This video does indicate that the police were provoked, but it is hard to watch it without wondering what the heck the police were doing, other than attacking anybody in front of them, even if there was obviously no threat posed by a given individual.

Not good.

UPDATE: DB eagerly awaited Lou Dobbs' program today to see how he would cover the story.

DOBBS: In Los Angeles, the chief of police and other officials promised a full investigation into the violence that broke out at the end of yesterday's otherwise peaceful pro-amnesty rally. Police fired rubber bullets and swung their batons in efforts to disperse elements of the crowd from a city park. Los Angeles Police Chief William Bratton, in fact, told a local radio station some actions, he said, taken by his officers seemed inappropriate.

Fifteen police officers among those injured in the melee. None of the injuries were believed to be serious and activist organizers of those demonstrations said they believe the people confronting the police were anarchists.

There you go, just a bunch of anarchists. Anarchists with press credentials. Anarchists in elementary school.

UPDATE II: Here's an interesting video from the mess. It indicates that the people were instructed to leave. But it also seems to show that the police were firing indiscriminately into crowds of people.

UPDATE III: Here's Wolf Blizter at the end of the "Situation Room" today:

BLITZER: Jamie McIntyre at the Pentagon.

The Los Angeles Police Commission now investigating the melee at yesterday's immigration rally in Los Angeles. Police fired rubber bullets at demonstrators, struck some with batons. Officers say they were targeted with rocks and bottles.

The police chief says some of the officers' tactics were, in his words, inappropriate.

Lou Dobbs is following that story.

He's getting ready for his own prime time "Broken Borders" special that begins right at the top of the hour.

Number of times Dobbs mentioned the story: 0.

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