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Monday, June 04, 2007

Where the Hacks have no Brains

Last night, after the debate, DB was flipping around during a commercial break to see what people were saying about it. One channel down from CNN is Headline News. Glenn Beck was chatting with Mary Matalin.

This is what I saw before I was forced to change back by the stupidity:

MATALIN: We have a wonderful competitive field that`s growing larger by the minute, which will make it even better. This is a centrist country, and we know how we become prosperous. The Dow is at an all-time high. Today, S&P at an all-time high.

BECK: But you know what? Here`s what kills me, is people -- people say it`s compassion to -- to redistribute wealth, to move it around. They say all these -- all these big -- for instance, you say who`s -- who`s a big artist that is really compassionate. It would be U2. U2 actually has all of their music licensing done in Amsterdam. All of the rights are held in Amsterdam, because they have a corporate tax rate of 1.5.

MATALIN: Thank you. That`s another thing that`s in her speech. Let`s tax corporations more. We are the second highest corporate taxed country in the world. This is why business move overseas. They`re about to resurrect two other Democrats...

Those damn Democrats, look what they've done. They made U2 move overseas.

Last June, with the Irish tax break about to shrink, U2 heeded the advice of its longtime business manager, Paul McGuinness, and moved its most lucrative asset — a song-publishing catalogue with hits such as Where the Streets Have No Name and It's A Beautiful Day — from McGuinness' firm in Dublin to Promogroup, in Amsterdam.

Vote for one of Matalin's "wonderful" candidates before we lose the National Symphony Orchestra of Ireland, too.

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