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Monday, June 30, 2008

ABC and Rick Klein can't handle the truth

So Rick Klein puts up this imbecilic post about how Wes Clark "went where no Democrat really truly wants to go on Sunday -- calling into question, in surprisingly sharp language, Sen. John McCain’s military record."

Feeling a little punchy on a Monday morning, I posted a comment:

What the hell is wrong with you, Klein?

Did Wes Clark say John McCain didn't really get a wound that required more than a bandaid? Did Clark say that McCain shot himself to get a purple heart? Did Clark say McCain turned his boat around and ran away instead of helping his troops? Did Clark say McCain only joined the military so he could run for president one day? Did Clark say McCain shot an unarmed child in the back? Did Clark say McCain called every soldier a war criminal?

Those are unfair attacks that the media played over and over again in 2004. Clark said nothing of the sort today.

You guys need to join the rest of us on Planet Earth.

Not my best comment ever, but not the worst thing I've ever written. Checking back later I discovered that ABC deleted my comment. I thought that was pretty strange so I asked why they deleted my comment. Was it because I asked Klein to join the rest of us on Earth?

This comment, too, was deleted. Then I noticed in an update they linked over to TPM's response to the post. So I made one last attempt at a comment:

I asked what's wrong with Rick Klein's comprehension and my comments get deleted.

Josh Marshall says this post is "Sub-Zero Stupid" and you link to him!

Maybe I should have insulted him more pointedly.

This blog gets more absurd by the minute.

This comment was deleted also. What a joke that blog is. They put up an insipid bunch of nonsense and then delete comments that criticize them. Intellectually soft losers.

By the way, here's some comments that they apparently endorse through non-deletion:

America WAKE UP! Obama has soooo many questionable ties to unsavory people...that we know of!...REZKO, AYERS, WRIGHT, his overzealous anti-American Muslim half brother...who or what else lurks in BO's closet? he's supporters are yelling for "Slavery Reparations"...there is a clear pattern emerging here...Disdain for America!

Rush Limbaugh has the perfect nickname for Wesley Clark...Ashley Wilkes (Gone with the Wind character). A weenie, whiney, wussy.

sure as hell beats being a community orgainizer in the most corrupt political city in the country.
I'll take my chances with a war hero over an empty suit.

Although...being married to Michelle might qualify Barry as a war hero...

Wesley Clark is a political opportunist hero wannabe. He bad mouths a veteran while backing a non veteran. What a JACKASS!. He needs to find a B movie to star in so his ego will be soothed. He is a whiner. The Army never has been able to do anything right.

I wonder if Martin Luther King Jr. would agree with Mr. Obama? I think not... because MLK was a Republican.

McCain ought to talk about how obama isn't really african american.. he has NO african american relatives.

He's a white wealthy prep school kid

Sorry my comments didn't meet your high standards, ABC.

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