Dover Bitch

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Hey, look over there!

Poll numbers got you down?

Smiles in your friends' mug shots not enough to cheer you up?

Job just no fun anymore?

Don't fret! Listen to Rumsfeld!

RUMSFELD: What they're trying to do, I suppose, is capture press attention. And they're succeeding.

Sure, he's complaining about those pesky detainees... but focus on the success! That's what your echo chamber is for!

  • Highest rate hike since 2001, that'll turn heads!

  • The birds will kill us all!!! That's compelling!

  • I say "Scalito," you say Democrats hate Catholics!!

  • Propose sweeping change of the tax code, just don't "embrace" any of proposals.

  • STEROIDS!!!!

    See it's easy... as long as the Democrats don't force your hand... OH NO!!!

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