Dover Bitch

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Find the principled Democrat!

On Tilting the Supreme Court Far to the Right: "The spirit was very unified in the meeting. I think every one of the 14 of us feels that our membership and participation in the so-called gang of 14 is one of the best things we've done in the Senate ever, because we cut across party lines to deal with the national interest, what's right for the country, and it's something critically important, and that is nomination and confirmation of justices to the Supreme Court."

On Censorship: "Well, I was just going to say the word that Bill [Bennett] used. We've been trying for four or five years to shame the leaders of the entertainment industry, to say, 'Look, draw a line. Won't you please decide that going over that line can make you a few more dollars but it's just not worth it because it's harmful to our children and our whole society.' I'll tell you about those lyrics. They come-and the game Doom. You know, in almost every one of these school yard killings, Tim, the kids have either been focused on Marilyn Manson, 'Natural Born Killers,' 'Basketball Diaries,' or 'Doom and Quake.' This is no accident. We're coming dangerously close in the entertainment industry, much as we prize our liberties, to the point where they're going to invite legal restrictions on their freedom because they're beginning to yell "fire" in a crowded theater when there is no fire and they're going to be held accountable."

On Rape Victims Denied Birth Control: "In Connecticut, it shouldn't take more than a short ride to get to another hospital."

On Social Security: "This is an ongoing problem, and we'd be wise to deal with it... If we can figure out a way to help people through private accounts or something else, great."

On the Separation of Church and State: "Thank you, Mr. President. Thanks for your leadership on this, and thanks to Senator Santorum and all our colleagues and our staffs that worked very hard on this. I have always believed that faith, right from the beginning of this country, was one of the great unifiers of the American people. And faith has been strong enough to unify all of us as we went forward to find a constitutionally appropriate way to have a faith-based initiative, to help people who want to do good works and whose desire to do good works is motivated by their faith."

On Bill Clinton's Morality: "I have chosen to speak particularly at this time before the independent counsel files his report because, while we do not know enough yet to answer the question of whether there are legal consequences of the President's conduct, we do know enough from what the President acknowledged on August 17 to answer a separate and distinct set of questions about the moral consequences for our country. Mr. President, I have come to this floor many times in the past to speak with my colleagues about the concerns which are so widely shared in this Chamber and throughout the Nation that our society's standards are sinking; that our common moral code is deteriorating and that our public life is coarsening."

On 42 Minutes of Congressional Oversight: "I am glad the President has nominated someone already familiar with FEMA's mission to become Deputy Director. Mr. Brown, I thank you very much. I will certainly support your nomination. I will do my best to move it through the committee as soon as possible so we can have you fully and legally at work in your new position."

On Congressional Oversight during War: "In matters of war, we undermine presidential credibility at our nation's peril."

On Undermining Presidential Credibility when You, Yourself, are a Candidate: "In our democracy, a president does not rule, he governs. He remains always answerable to us, the people. And right now, the president's conduct of our foreign policy is giving the country too many reasons to question his leadership. It's not just about 16 words in a speech, it is about distorting intelligence and diminishing credibility."