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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Flush Limbaugh

DB hasn't commented on Rush Limbaugh because (blogger was down yesterday and) so many others have done a terrific job identifying him as a pig. But here's a couple additional thoughts:

Michael J. Fox isn't exploiting the disease. The disease is exploiting him. That doesn't mean that he's being mindlessly controlled by the disease and is acting irrationally. It just means that Parkinson's Disease is not the victim.

Fox was living a normal life, like so many other Americans, and probably didn't view politics through the prism of an afflicted person. This year, 50,000 Americans (and their loved ones) will leave a doctor's office, praying -- from a very personal place -- for a cure for Parkinson's to arrive quickly. And if any of them want to lead the fight for stem cell research, then DB supports them 100 percent. If any of them still oppose stem cell research, DB politely disagrees, but supports them in their right to speak their beliefs.

But what is Limbaugh really saying? That only a healthy person should be debating health care? That Lance Armstrong shouldn't be raising awareness of cancer research? That should be left to people who never had cancer?

That we shouldn't have Megan's Law or AMBER Alerts? How dare the families of child victims try to inject themselves into these serious debates?

What a jackass. And you can bet all the OxyContin your maid can carry that if Limbaugh were diagnosed with Parkinson's, he'd be selling stem cell research to his braindead audience faster than he ran to the ACLU to bail his pathetic ass out of trouble for his drug-related crimes.

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