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Friday, October 06, 2006

GOP: Of course we'd never do the right thing

The Foley scandal is such a giant problem for the GOP because, as bad as it is to have a predator in Congress, it is worse to have leaders who cover it up to protect their hold on power.

It should be obvious to every American that Republican leaders cared more about preserving their majority than the safety of the kids who were placed in their care.

But just in case it isn't, Republican leaders, operatives and conservative pundits have been desperately trying to point the finger at Democrats.

DB says great! They're proving the point. People like Pat Buchanan find it incomprehensible that a Republican revealed this information -- because no good Republican would ever put the safety of these children ahead of the political considerations of the party.

Buchanan criticized the GOP leaders, not for covering for Foley, but for failing to be "loyalists." Game. Set. Match.

Democrats should say:

"I'd be proud to take credit for putting an end to this predator's career in Washington. And I'd be proud to be the one who let the voters know, when they're all paying attention, that the GOP leadership is so completely addicted to power that they let these crimes continue for so long.

But the fact that the Republicans want people to think that I'm the one who helped put a stop to these disgusting acts just proves that the Republicans think standing up for these kids is the wrong thing to do. That's reprehensible."

The GOP is digging themselves a deeper hole every time they open their mouths. Let's hope they don't shut them until election night.

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