Dover Bitch

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Hey, how am I doing?

That's the famous quote from Ed Koch, former mayor of New York City.

The answer is "not well."

At the 2004 Republican National Convention in NYC, Koch was there to help sell four more years of George W. Bush to the American people.

"I, too, disagree with the president on every major domestic issue from taxes to Social Security. Yet I believe those issues are trumped by the overriding need to defeat international terrorism, the biggest threat to our freedom."

Translation: "I am willing to sell out all my principles because some cave dwellers threatened us and Karl Rove says Bush will keep my old, rich, white ass safe."

What a coward. As he uttered these very words to MSNBC, the president was campaigning in New Hampshire, surrounded by "LIVE FREE OR DIE" license plates on every car.

So two years later, with everybody with a functioning neuron in their skulls recognizing that Bush has this country on the wrong track and the war in Iraq is a mess, you'd think Koch might have reconsidered his assessments of the president's abilities.

Nope. Koch just reiterated to Chris Matthews that even though he supports the Democratic Party, he still supports Bush and the war and thinks the president should be getting more credit. He ended the segment by praising Bush for his remarkable "courage."

DB will look elsewhere for profiles in courage.