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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Last post on Imus (I hope)

If any Imus defenders talking about rap music right now really gave a crap about that particular issue, there would be significant evidence in their countless appearances on television that they are bothered by rap lyrics. It wouldn't just come up now.

But more important, instead of saying things like...

CRAIG CRAWFORD: But I think further discussion as he goes down the road on this you know, some of these terms, particularly the term “ho,” comes from gangsta rap.

...if you really cared about rap lyrics, you would be saying something like...

It's bad enough that rappers are using language like this, but it's even more disappointing to hear comments like this directed at specific young women by a man who was the featured speaker at the White House Correspondents Dinner and who interacts with America's most powerful leaders on a daily basis.

If you really cared about rap lyrics, you'd be even more upset by Imus, not less.

And finally... I'm as outraged by these comments as Al Sharpton claims to be. So when you're done complaining about his past and calling him a hypocrite, come back to me and explain why I shouldn't be angry when I hear comments like what Imus said. It's the same thing the media did to Jon Stewart when he skewered Crossfire. They ripped his show. Well, I don't have a show and I felt the same way.

UPDATE: Good riddance.