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Friday, May 04, 2007

Debates: Other thoughts

First of all, thanks to the International Herald Tribune for the debate transcript I've been using.

Here's some final thoughts on the debate, in no particular order:

  • Tommy Thompson's answer that employers should be allowed to fire gays was not only a low point for DB (of many), it actually seemed to bring the debate to a brief pause. There really seemed to be an uncomfortable pause after he answered. In any event, he offered a weak retraction after the debate.

    [UPDATE: Thompson offers a full retraction and expands on his answer to the question about racism.

    Good for Thompson. DB still finds there to be a lack of any serious discussion about race among the GOP hopefuls and party in general.]

  • Mitt Romney's attack on Patrick Fitzgerald was pathetic.

    I can tell you that I think it was outrageous for the prosecutor, knowing that Scooter Libby was not the source of the leak, to go ahead and begin interviewing him, gathering information, setting up a case against him. I think it was prosecutorial indiscretion.

    Memo to Mitt: Libby lied multiple times to investigators before Fitzgerald was even appointed. This lame answer from Romney shouldn't come as a surprise since Barbara Comstock is one of his advisers.

    Romney apparently wanted to look presidential and probably succeeded enough to convince some people he could play one on TV for four years. There's nothing else there. He's probably wondering right now why Duane Wade really wants to be in Charles Barkley's "Five."

  • When John McCain said he'd follow Bin Laden "to the gates of hell," DB shuddered. Not because of McCain's insane forcefulness. I just felt a tremor in the force when all the writers at The Corner slid off their seats at the same time.

  • The questions were better than the ones asked at the Democratic debate. But ducked the good ones that were submitted. Chris Matthews' question about Bill Clinton is exactly why I can't stand him.

  • For the most part, this was a chance for 10 men to talk about how much they love Ronald Reagan and hate abortion.

  • Ron Paul won't win the nomination, and I probably wouldn't vote for him in a general election, but he was the one candidate who said things I was happy to hear.

  • Jim Gilmore actually seemed reasonable in many ways, but didn't say anything extremely memorable or revolutionary.

  • Rudy Giuliani did not do well. I think he's doomed.

  • Duncan Hunter and Tom Tancredo are fighting for the same turf. Hunter wins that battle.

  • Mike Huckabee and Sam Brownback are also vying for the same votes. But not DB's, so I can't say who will come out on top.

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