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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Pre-debate notes

A few thoughts before the GOP debates...

  • DB will be keeping track of how many times the candidates use the word "surrender" and how often they try to paint people opposed to the war as embracing "defeat."

  • Who will be the first to invoke the repulsive memory of Jeane Kirkpatrick?

  • Fred Thompson is getting a disproportionate amount of attention today. Chuck Hagel's name has come up. I guess we don't need to wonder how successful Newt Gingrich has been with this: "I am seeking to create a movement to win the future by offering a series of solutions so compelling that if the American people say I have to be president, it will happen."

  • The love affair with Ronald Reagan is bordering on psychotic.

  • Does anybody expect anything surprising at all tonight? DB is a debate fanatic, but I thought the last Democratic debate was a real snoozer. This one has the potential to be the pure cable NyQuil.

  • When are the Republicans going to give an older, White man a chance to voice his opinion? (Yes, that's my idea of snark)

    UPDATE: Thirty minutes before the debate, Keith Olbermann brings up Newt.

    UPDATE II: Thinking about my last point reminds me that one of the more painful parts of any debate in the last six years, to me, was when Dick Cheney answered a Gwen Ifill question about HIV-infection rates in African-American women by saying he wasn't aware it was an epidemic. He then lamented the loss of productivity in parts of Africa. I wonder (but not too much) if there will be any discussion at all about the issues facing women today. Other than their obvious positions on abortion, of course.

    UPDATE III: Last pre-debate point. Digby wonders if the questions tonight will be as trivial as during the Democratic debate. I hope not. Not that I think the GOP deserves to be treated with more seriousness. I think they both should be asked difficult and serious questions.

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