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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

A vacant lot, indeed

Just how pathetic is the media coverage of the presidential election? Exhibit A: Chris Matthews today with Giuliani campaign manager Mike DuHaime:

MATTHEWS: Who would win a street fight? Rudy Giuliani... Just think of a street fight, now, up in Queens somewhere. It's a dark night. It's about two in the morning. Two guys are out behind the building, right? On a vacant lot. Rudy Giuliani or President Ahmadinejad? Who would win that fight?

DUHAIME: I'm putting my money on Rudy on that one. I think Rudy will take that fight.

MATTHEWS: If he wins that notion, he's the next president. That's one to look for. Who's tougher than Ahmedinejad? Because he's our biggest worry right now.

That's how DB is going to vote. Can Candidate X beat up a five-foot, two-inch, 51-year-old in a dark alley? Good thing we didn't have a wheelchair-bound leader when we had to liberate Europe while fighting a separate war in the Pacific.

Also, that's my biggest worry right now. Not how we might avoid war with Iran, but who could lead us into a fight without rules in the dark of night. That's our next president.

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