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Monday, June 25, 2007

Christie: Unnamed sources are unfair

Can you find a better example of political cognitive dissonance than Ron Christie's appearance today on Tucker, mercifully hosted by David Schuster?

Christie was on the program to defend Dick Cheney, his former boss, and to continue calling for a pardon for Scooter Libby. The clip at Crooks & Liars is a must-see primarily for its end, when Schuster says:

You're a great guest, you're a great guy, but on the politics and the law in the Scooter Libby case, you're wrong.

MSNBC really ought to bring back the Gong Show. They could give gong beaters to Keith Olbermann, Schuster and Jack Cafferty (hired away from CNN). Then, during a Chris Matthews interview, they could bang away on the thing, half the time while Tweety is asking one of his insipid questions.

Christie would have earned the gong so many times in this interview, they'd have to buy a new one. In addition to his support of the nonsensical position that Cheney is a member of the legislative branch and his fact-free defense of Libby, Christie floated this absurd gripe a few times:

...I would say this to you: So much of this article, I looked at it there are all these unnamed quotes and these people who won't speak on the record...


First of all, that makes the assumption that everything in was in that Post article was true, which... I do not necessarily subscribe to that. When you have unnamed sources, when you have people who are unwilling to have the courage to put their name behind some of the statements...


The problem with this sort of "gotcha politics" that's going on with this Post story it seems to me is that there's one side of the story. What else is there? What is it that we don't know? I would just hope that some of the folks who have come forward with these anonymous quotes and these leaked materials would put their names to it so they could actually give this a little more color.

This is from a man who is vehemently defending a convicted liar who, at the bequest of the vice president (whom he is also defending) leaked classified information to Judith Miller, demanding that the quotes be attributed to a "former Hill staffer." The information he gave her from the NIE was only "one side of the story" and was exaggerated at that. The quotes went into the paper so Cheney could go on the Sunday talk shows and point to the article as confirmation of the need to follow his nefarious agenda and start an unnecessary war in Iraq.

There could not possibly be a better example of a pair of men using anonymous, one-sided leaks of information in a more perverse manner of manipulating the American people than Dick Cheney and Scooter Libby -- the exact duo Christie is on television to defend.

Cry me a river, Ron.

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