Dover Bitch

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Bad neighbors

Glenn Greenwald and a post he inspired from TRex both point to the worldwide Pew poll of public opinion, which indicates that, unsurprisingly, the rest of the world has a dim view of America after six-plus years of Bush at the helm.

I think I found the perfect analogy for the Bush administration and America with the GOP in full control: They are like the college kids in my mother's otherwise quiet neighborhood. They come, for the first time, into a little autonomy for four years or so, out from under father's thumb.

They've paid no dues, just a little rent, and they think they're entitled to whatever rights come with the title "grown up."

They'll park in her yard, vomit on her sidewalk, play the crappiest music at the highest decibel levels. They'll leave trash wherever they happen to finish whatever they were consuming.

They have no shame and don't care who witnesses their most brazen acts of gluttony. They don't have any commitment to the neighborhood, planning instead to jettison after their term expires. They have no respect for what came before or what follows. Apparent contempt for those they know will remain.

That they were there for a legitimate purpose strains credulity, yet they undoubtedly have some transcript to justify their brief and terrible visit to the area. It is impossible to believe they learned anything at all before leaving behind only their vapors and something once lovely, now broken.

I think it's a good metaphor, but it's only a metaphor. My mother's neighborhood is nothing like this.