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Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Will blog later... but FINALLY somebody in Congress called for oversight. The extinction of the separation of powers is a disaster for America.

Congratulations, Harry Reid, for having the fortitude to stand up.

UPDATE 1: Gee, why didn't Reid want to consult this guy?

FRIST: Democrats have no principles. They have no convictions. They have no ideas.

UPDATE 2: Don't think Pat Roberts has been stonewalling?

UPDATE 3: Frist complains that "Democrats use scare tactics." Calling a closed session is scarier than Bush's headline for the day -- BIRD FLU? How does it compare to "proof could be in the form of a mushroom cloud?" What a joke Frist is.

UPDATE 4: It was bound to happen eventually. Andrea Mitchell said something absolutely correct. The Senate looked at the intelligence community, but never looked at the White House, the WHIG, or Rumsfeld and the Pentagon. The Executive Branch has not been held accountable at all for anything involving the Iraq war. It's about time that changed.

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