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Monday, April 23, 2007

More media professionalism

David Ignatius wrote, in his bland mea culpa for the Iraq War:

In a sense, the media were victims of their own professionalism. Because there was little criticism of the war from prominent Democrats and foreign policy analysts, journalistic rules meant we shouldn't create a debate on our own.

Even though I fundamentally disagree with this pathetic construct... let's just accept that that's the way the MSM sees it's job. Take what the Democrats say and compare and contrast it with the Republicans' description of reality.

They're not even living up to that lousy standard. Reid says the war is lost, Bush says we're winning. Instead of hashing that out, they are talking about whether it is even appropriate for Reid to state his opinion at all.

They've set the lowest possible bar of "professionalism" for themselves and still can't climb over it.

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